Computer Rooms

Stallion Electric & Data Cabling regularly designs and installs computer room data, voice, electrical and air conditioning systems. Our installations range from large complex systems found in corporate headquarters to systems found in small business offices. Our services include a complete inventory of the cabling and electrical systems complete with industry proven cost saving recommendations.

  • Overhead Raceway Design & Installation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Management Systems
  • Fibre Jumper Cable Installation
  • UPS Sizing and Installation
  • Voice Frame Layout & Installation
  • Data Patch Panel Layout & Installation
  • Electrical Circuit Identification
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Data Rack & Cabinet Layout & Installation
  • Communication Ground Systems
  • Labelling and Documentation
  • Under Floor Cable Tray Systems
  • Fibre Optic Frame Layout & Installation
  • Patch Cable Installation
  • Electrical Power Installation
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